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Cross-fade transition between each video not working :(

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I have VideoPad Video Editor Pro 3.36.

***I have added 30 videos to my timeline.

***I would like to create a transition between each video where the music AND video blends together with the initial video fading out and the next video fading in.

***I attempted to use a Cross-Fade transition on the initial video specifying 10 seconds. However, this doesn’t seem to work as the initial frame of the second video fades in and doesn’t proceed until the 1st video ends.


Not sure what I m doing wrong but I had better luck in earlier versions.

Any help and guidance is appreciated.






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In general, here's how a crossfade works - and not only in VP. Some editing software offers an overlap mode that doesn't exhibit this characteristic.

But that shortens the video clips to which it's being applied, which can throw off the synchronization with audio. Using a one-second crossfade example...


At the beginning of the fade the TO video begins to appear - as a STILL frame.

At the middle of the frame, the TO video motion begins and the FROM video becomes a STILL frame until the effect completes.


Shortening the fade will mask this. Or you could create an A/B roll, alternating and overlapping the clips on different tracks.

OPACITY effect keyframes would then be set for the overlay track clips. When the overlay fades to ZERO the main track will be shown.

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Thanks for the quick reply.



Your description of the TO and FROM sequence is exactly what I am experiencing and based on your detail, is by design for a cross-fade.



What I need is for the TO clip to start at the begining of the cross-fade sequence. The FROM video will continue and complete at the end of the cross-fade time length. In my example, I am using 7 seconds as the cross-fade length as I want the FROM and TO videos to mix for that length as I control the audio face out for the FROM clip and the audio fade in for the TO clip.

I will try your suggestion of the A/B roll but cannot find detail\instructions on this. will keep looking.


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One way of getting your crossfade to work as you want is as follows...


Put Clip1 on the sequence line followed by Clip2

Click the effects box at the end of Clip1 and add your crossfade for the duration required.

Now select Clip1. Move the red cursor line to the left end of the crossfade effects bar above the sequence line.

Grab the right hand end of Clip1 and drag it left to the red cursor line.

Now move the red cursor line to the right hand end of the crossfade effects bar. Grab the left end of Clip2 and drag it to the right up to the red cursor line.

In effect you are "folding back" lengths of each clip that will play and overlap as the crossfade takes place.

The amount "folded back" should be at least 1/2 the length of the crossfade duration. Using the red cursor line as a marker ensures that this is the case.

If you don't do this procedure VP will use a static frame from the end of Clip1 and the start of Clip2 as the background image.

There will be no overlap of the two clips. Obviously in this case the two clips retain their original length. Creating the overlap reduces the lengths of the combined clips by the crossfade duration.


You can also create an overlapping crossfade by placing Clip 2 on the overlay track above Clip1, dragging it back a little and then altering the opacity from 0 to 100% for the overlap duration. This works well but requires a bit of practice.



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