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Chased this bug for months --- SOLVED!!


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People complain that IVM cut them off, I look in the log and see "message discarded because it was too short" with a time of 0.0 seconds. Highly intermittent and hard to duplicate. I messed with every setting under the sun and even bought a new Way2Call USB telephony device to no avail. The problem would not occur with countless test calls, seem to be fixed and then come back randomly. But I had an epiphany! In order to be able to instantly shut down IVM when I chose to pick up the phone from a customer I wanted to talk with immediately, I assigned touch-tone key "8" to immediate hang-up. "8" should be grayed out in the choices for key press commands because it is very close in pitch to the "beep" that signifies now you leave your message. But it is not quite close enough to shut down IVM consistently! So I simply assigned immediate hang-up to "6." The "leave your message at the sound of the beep.." beep is the default wav/ file that came with the program. Of course, a person could re-record this wav. file with a bell, buzzer or anything else that doesn't emulate a key press.


Don in Austin

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