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Edit Big Video File Problem

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Dear All,


I want to edit a big vidoe file around 2GB. But after I drag it to videopad editor, the processing window pops up but no progress at all even i have waited for hours. I also will edit 4GB file.


Is there any limitation of the file size to be edited using videopad editor?


If not, how to solve this? Or is there any command line that can allow me to do the splitting function?




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Computer spec...

MS Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit SP2

Intel Core Duo CPU E4500 @ 2.20Ghz, 2.0GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GS


Version 3.47. Empty cache file to start


Just as a test, I loaded an avi file of 1.8 Gigs. (biggest I have)


It took 30 seconds to load the basic file to the media list

at 1 minute 30 it had loaded the clip to the preview screen.


Then there was a long wait for any thumbnails to appear under the clip preview pane.

at 6 minutes even though the green bar was complete, there were still no thumbnails so I got fed up of waiting and dragged the clip down to the sequence line.


It took a total of 16 mins.30secs before all the thumbnails had generated and were visible under both panes and the timeline when, presumably editing could start.


Simple splits if this timeline then took up to 2 minutes to regenerate the thumbnails in each section.

IMHO I think this is far to slow.






It was ready to

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As VP and other editing programs ramp up their features, more PC power is required. A 64-bit system with near 3Ghz CPU, 6-8Gb RAM and at least 1Gb on the video card becomes almost a necessity.


Using VP 3.36 on a 3.4Ghz CPU with 8Gb RAM and 1Gb video, a 900Mb AVI preview rendered in about 18" (green line fully drawn).

Placing the clip on the track and seeing the thumbs was almost instantaneous, as was duplicating the clip a second time on the sequence.

This PC is frisky, but not as much so as the latest incarnations. Perhaps Nat, it's time to consider an upgrade.


This is not to say that VP couldn't be better optimized to take advantage of the latest technologies, but that issue is best addressed by NCH's Connor and his compatriots.

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