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Can multiple video clips be added to one screen?


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You need to use the SCALE effect to reduce your clip to the size/shape required and the the POSITION effect to move the reduced image to the place required. There are no rectangles you can grab and drag and drop to do this latter step and its largely guesswork. It's not very intuative as you can't drag and drop the frame. I also find that the effects preview image doesn't reflect the changes hoped for and it is the sequence preview window .that shows anything first. This is not much help if the effects window is maximised.

However if you do get this effect to work for the clip on the main track, a second and subsequent clips should be placed on induvidual overlay tracks in the same position as the clip on track 1 and a similar treatment applied to each, giving all the clips a different scale and position.. They will then all play in their relative positions at the same time. By setting keyframes in the POSITION effect with different values at different playing points you can acheive movement of the clip frame concerned when the clip is played.


Positioning and sizing several clips in the same screen was easy in version 2.41 as you could see pretty well what was happening. Using 3.29 on my PC (at least) the process of setting up even one clip either takes forever, stalls or completely buggars up the program. :(



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Hi Nat


That was what I needed.

Once I knew the effects to use, I found the following sequence of events worked:

Insert 1st (main) clip

Position cursor at desired insertion point

Add split to main clip

Insert inset window using Overlay on Sequence at Cursor

Adding effect to inserted clip:

Crop first, then scale and position




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Hi all, new to the forum, but I wanted to say that I tried this and the results are pretty good. There is a bug in the program that creates issues with the video if your trying to place the video overlay in a target frame on a template. When PREVIEWED or

rendered to a final file, the overlay centered, ends up below the target.


I just adjusted the position in the editor until the render position was acceptable . I hope that they fix the problem. By the way, the outro produced doing this positioning really turned out well in my grossly inexperienced opinion. I saved the outro box position in my presets, as a custom preset, and should be able to duplicate hitting the same position continually. Thanks for the procedure above, it worked like a charm. The target Vertical Offset % in POSITION is off by -5.8%. Adjust the parameter by that amount in the editor and render the file. The overlay will be on the money, in the final video. Hope that this helps someone else.


I did turn it over to NCH, but I'm not on a support contract, although I did buy two licenses of the program.

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