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Export: 99% processed and then hung up / unlizensed version


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I had processed a video of 1 h and 12 min length and it run through without problems. The next day I started exporting a 4 min video, after 99% processing the program stopped. No crash, just stood there and smiled at me. The Task Manager reports "running". This happens with all the different settings i tried. According to my web-search, this phenomena seems to occur often.


I am taking advantage of the free license offer, since I am using VideoPad only for my Hobby (Train Simulation and a Charity Project)


Helpful hints are very welcome


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If you are exporting to your PC, check the destination folder, as in some versions the action hangs near the end or at the end but the video has actually been rendered. Normally it says it is complete and asks to open the file.



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