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Express Invoice / Inventoria stock shows zero - crash's

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System MAC / MAVERICKS Express invoice V3.99 Inventoria V3.49


Express Invoice / Inventoria installed on the same computer. All network settings fine can run and use both programs separately. Can also access and use each program from web.


express invoice crashed every time I tried to add item on invoice


PROBLEM: Express inventory shows zero for QTY in everything, I tried migrate function and does not import the QTY! all part numbers and details are there but when I go to add items on invoice it immediately crash's due to zero stock.


ODDLY: if I add inventory directly using Express invoice(add new item) its shows correctly and adds to invoice properly.


- if I add item in express invoice it works correctly but does not show in item/description,qty in inventoria



P.S.: it randomly says in txt box right upper corner screen "Synchronization error - QUAN" LOL yes but how do we fix it!

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I run Express Invoice and Inventoria also. Express Invoice has a separate inventory feature available, but you need to decide whether to use it or Inventoria. When you migrate, you are only migrating the item numbers, descriptions, and prices. You have to tell Express Invoice from which location to take the inventory in Inventoria. You don't want to have both Express Invoice and Inventoria tracking the inventory, only Inventoria. So don't tell Express Invoice you are adding inventory, otherwise it will add it to its own inventory feature, which doesn't sync with Inventoria.


Here's how I've handled the situation:


We have locations in Inventoria for our stock, such as Office, West Warehouse, etc. Because you can't sync Express Invoice with more than one location, I made another location and called it "Sales." That's the one Express Invoice syncs with. Express Invoice takes all inventory from the Sales location when we make an invoice or order. In Inventoria, we then transfer product from the true location to the location called "Sales." It's an extra step, but I don't know how else to handle it.



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I greatly appreciate your response ! This software is supposed to work seamlessly together eliminating the need for that extra step that is why we purchased it after close review. It even has asks you directly in Express Invoice if you want it to update stock QTY in inventoria but it cannot do so if it does not load properly. It is probably the way E.I. reads the .csv file because it is giving me a "Synchronization error - QUAN" every few minutes.


I have tried to create one from inventoria but there doesn't seem to be a way other then the back up feature, at least then you could create a .csv file weekly edit the error and upload to E.I. but again this is bypassing the real problem here that these two products are to work seamlessly with one another. Or I might as well just use the old system (webstore & .xls spreadsheet)


I have also moved this thread to the MAC OS forum - THANKS!

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Yes, I get that Quan error also. Here is the response I received from NCH about it:


Please check that your connection on the network is not interrupted which can cause this problem. Also check that the port used by Inventoria is not blocked or intermittently blocked which could stop the sync.


Try resetting the sync with a fresh Authorization code in Inventoria and then retry.

Send us a screenshot of the error if you receive it again.


I still get the error and just live with it, though I'm not happy about it! If you find a way to get the Quan error to stop, please let me know. I'd sure appreciate it.


I also find that I have to keep a pretty close eye on the syncing and constantly double check it for errors.


I like the programs and really wished they worked properly. I think the main problem is that it's not totally compatible with the Mac. I wish there was something else out there, reasonably priced, that was.

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Yes for any reader or tech support, we elimiated the router and spam filter. Went direct from modem to MAC reset the sync with new authorization codes and IP assignments multiple times. Made changes in inventoria and E.I. detects it BUT does not load Quantities.


Also almost every time I shut down the MAC when I reset it I have to go in and re-check the box that says "allow access to inventoria stock manager on local network" in doing so almost always having to get new I.P. assignments (thats wacked out)



Because this might be a MAC issue please post response's here ---> http://nch.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/21144-express-invoice-inventoria-stock-shows-zero-crashs/

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FYI: every-time I migrate E.I. I return to settings in E.I. and "allow access toExpress Invoice on the local network" is un-checked in the web access tab. Once I recheck this, I return to settings in E.I. Preferences/other/inventoria synchronization settings/locations change location from office back to the warehouse I want to remove stock and it works correctly..... not sure for how long or if I will have to do this daily but its getting closer.


reset access authentication code before did this also

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