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How do I upload new upgrades for Express Accounts to fix bug issues?


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I have Express Accounts Version 4.73 for MAC. I am having issues with it freezing and greying out all icons when I try to open a Purchase Order created. This may be a bug issue and perhaps has been sorted with a new upgrade however on the NCH website I can't find any way to check if I have the latest version or to find and download new upgrades. If I type into search "upgrade" I just get the page to Up price my program, not helpful as I have paid the premium support package but I'm still waiting for a reply to my Tech Support question.


At the moment I am having to force quit the program.


Are there any upgrades? How do I find them? Is there another solution for my issue?

Hope someone can help me as I'm very frustrated with this problem.




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The most recent version of Express Accounts for Mac is 4.73. You do have the most recent version of Express Accounts for Mac. Our development is working on the next release for Mac. Unfortunately, I do not have a ETA for the update, but keep an eye on our Twitter Feed: https://twitter.com/NCHSoftware for all new product release information in real-time.


-NCH Software

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I suggest, first back up your current Express Accounts data before attempting the re-install. ('Tools' menu -> 'Back up Data...')


To re-install on Mac:

Download the current version, and double-click on the installer (.dmg file), follow the instructions, and finally drag the 'ExpressAccounts' icon to 'Applications' folder. If prompted, replace the old ExpressAccount item with the same name.


Also, note that you may have to re-purchase the license, because it only allows free upgrades for up to 3 months from the last purchase date.

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"MAY" is correct, and is not misleading. That statement is in response to Aliva's query. If Aliva purchased the license less than 3 months ago, s/he WON'T have to re-purchase. Also, (re)purchase is not required if you switch to free version of Express Accounts.


Aliva stated they are running 4.49. That version is a LOT older than 3 months. The oldest version in the versions list is 4.61 for Windows and that's dated 27th Sept 2012.


But agreed, if Aliva is running the free version then it's all good I guess...I haven't run the free version in years so I didn't think of that...Good call.

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