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change crossfader time in options but it does nothing


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HI there..


I upgraded from demo to the liscenced version of zulu. on crossfading it seems to always do it in 2 secs. Even if I set the option to 8 or 15 seconds....it still does 2.....I cant get it to change. As well...the wave form does not start flashing red whe the track is down to 15 sec...even though it is set that way in playback options and is cheked of as enabled. In the demo version these thigns worked fine...in the paid for liscened version they dont work at all. Any suggestions please?

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Guest BeerFist

The autoplay crossfade time doesn't change. The crossfade options under General->Crossfader refers to the buttons on either side of the crossfader. So the crossfader will either crossfade left or right automatically based on the time specified.


I was having a look at my waveform flash and it appears to work ok. What version is your paid version?

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