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Freepbx 2.11 routing Issues with Uplink and skype 6.14

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Hello All,


Having a couple of issues hopefully someone can help out with.....


I am running FreePBX v2.11 with Skype v6.14 and Uplink v1.30. I have successfully linked uplink to asterisk through freepbx. The uplink log window shows connections to both asterisk and skype.


When a call comes in to skype, the log window in uplink shows the error: "Error sip address or phone number is invalid" and obviously does not pass the call to asterisk.


When I initiate a call to uplink from asterisk, the log window shows: "incomming sip call", but nothing is passed through to skype. I renamed one of my contacts to 02 but that didnt seem to work.


If anyone has any ideas I can try, it would be appreciated. I did search through the forums, but did not find and helpful hints to get me going in the right direction. If I did pass them by, please be kind.... :)




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