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Video renders out to be a black screen w/ vid audio?


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I'm trying to render out a video that I need to have as soon as possible. I've finished making the video and I even previewed it. It looked fine. Then I render it out and I end up with a video that's just a black screen, with the video audio playing in the background. Also the video is only 4:16 long but it renders out to 5:16 long for some reason. I really need this video finished soon. In about 2 hours it will actually be too late for me to use this video. So I'd really appreciate if someone has a solution for me. Thanks.

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What is your export setup for your video and have you saved a .vpj project file?


Here are the settings I generally use ...

To export you video to your PC which I would recommend for a start...


Click the "Export Video" tab

Click "Computer/Data"

For the "Save Destination" leave the default name and destination if you wish or enter a new one

or browse to a suitable folder.

"Preset" Click the down button at the right of the box and select HD 720

"File Format" will default to .avi

"Resolution" will default to 1280 x 720-You Tube 720p

"Frame Rate" will default to 25.00 for PAL or you can click the down arrow and select 29.97

for the NTSC system

Click the "Encoder Options" button. The default will be H264 (Native) which should be OK

I would leave the "Video Compression Settings" as the default value (23)

The "Sound Compressor" defaults to MP3 (Native) which is OK

"Sound Format" 44100 Hz, 320 kbs, Stereo

Click OK

"Preset" will have changed to indicate "Custom" which is OK

Click the "Create" button.

VP will render your video to an .avi file in your designated folder.

Once completed it should open the folder and highlight file for you to play.

These are the settings I generally use. If your player won't play this .avi then I would suggest that it is a codec problem. I use the free VLC player which along with the V-Lite codec pack will play all the most common video formats.



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