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I'm coming from StartStop Powerplay, where I can just hit a (customizable) hotkey to insert a timestamp directly in Word. I cannot figure out how to do this with Express Scribe. All I can find is Ctrl+Shift+T, but that only inserts a timestamp IN Express Scribe's note section. The only other way I could find was to Copy Time and then Ctrl-V paste it into word. That's extremely awkward and not at all time efficient.


Is there a user friendly way to timestamp directly in Word?



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If you make Copy Time a universal HotKey, it is very efficient, i.e., the HotKey is active in all apps, so you don't have to have the ExpressScribe window active.


Then it's a two-step process: With your target document active, Copy Time using your HotKey and then Paste the timecode into your document by simply using the paste command, e.g., Ctrl-V.


There's likely a way to combine the two commands into one HotKey that I don't know about...yet.

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