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Account total don't balance

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I reconciled Feb bank account no problem & carried on with March but when I went to transfer some money from the bank account it showed that it was over 6k overdrawn, Paypal account also overdrawn & accounts receivable also showing as a negative figure. as shown in the bottom right of the main window.

I've been into the journal & checked money in & out which is correct & been back to my last backup half way through Feb & all ok.

If however I try & reconcile the bank account the figures are correct apart from one transfer that it won't let me do but if I reconcile it the figures are still showing 6k overdrawn

I tried to do a transfer today 3/4/2014 but it said that I can't schedule a transfer with a future date so not sure if the time change in the UK has screwed it.



Mac OS 10.9.2

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