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DS2 to WAV - only processed half the file

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We are currently using switch to convert uploaded audio to a workable format on the backend and are using something like:


switch.exe -hide -clear -convert $SOURCE -format .wav -settings .wav PCM16 22050 1 -overwrite ALWAYS -outfolder $DIRDEST -exit


with a lengthy (about 40 minutes) DS2 file.


This seems to work perfect in version 2.03 in a matter of seconds; however, in version 4.6 it will stalled for 5 to 15 minutes and the outputed file only had the first 20 minutes of audio, the last 40 minutes was silence.



Has anyone else run into this issue?


Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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you don't make a mistake. Unfortunately, it seems this is a bug in Switch.


I can reproduce this effect with 30 per cent of the ds2 files which I tried to convert with Switch. I have decided the bug in V. 4.28.

Today I have tested with Switch V. 4.79. And the bug is still existing.


Unfortunately, the site of the only alternative tool that I have found (Voelker Dss Converter) is further not available. So there is a corner on the market for converting ds2 files to a wav or mp3 or wma.


With best regards,


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