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For the purpose of making digital cinema packages i need to generate image sequence files and separate wav files at high resolution (2048x858 pixels) and a specific bit rate (48.000).

My favorite videopad can do this, but: it generates to little images per second!

Anyone knows how to change the framespeed? The other export possibilities can.



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Not entirely clear on what you are after as regards output from VP but you can change the framerate in the Video Output Setup screen.

Just click the down arrow to the right of the framerate box and select Custom at the bottom of the list.


For example... If you output your video as a HD720 avi, the framerate default would be 25 fps for PAL TV but you can use the Custom option to change this to any value between 1 and 60 fps.

Choosing 1fps for example on a 5 second clip will output a 5 second avi made up of 5 separate and equaly spaced images from the clip, each of 1 second duration.



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