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Express Invoice and Inventoria Data Migration

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I purchased both Express Invoice and Inventoria a while back. I use them them multiple businesses. Currently, I can not migrate the data from the Inventoria to Invoice. I updated both the softwares, and later downgraded them to the previous versions.


Current Version of Inventoria: V 3.37

Current Version of Express Invoice: V 3.68


I use them on a Mac system.


When I migrate data, nothing happens, but the system shows that it is successful.


Any help would be greatly appreciated :)


Schumann Zaman

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What is it that you're hoping to see after migrating data? When I go to the preferences section of Express Invoice and update the data from Inventoria, it is a behind-the-scenes thing. You can't see a list of the inventory quantities from Inventoria on Express Invoice. It just lets Express Invoice know if you have added/deleted/changed items on Inventoria. Though you can see the list when you create an invoice and add an item to it. After updating, do you see a new item in this list?


Here's how you could tell: Create a dummy item in Inventoria. Go to Express Invoice and update Inventoria. Then create an invoice and attempt to add that dummy item to the invoice. If it's there, you've succeeded. If it's not, you may have an issue for tech support. Cancel the invoice so you don't mess up your records.


For the other direction, from Express Invoice to Inventoria, it is automatic and "instant" (though I've noticed a lag time of up to a couple of days at times).


I'm on a Mac as well.


Inventoria 3.41

Express Invoice 3.99

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Hi Teri, Thanks a lot for your reply. Actually the stock is not being updated in Express Invoice. I am adding new items in Inventoria, but Express Invoice is not showing the updated quantity, after the migration. Though the Migration is showing successful.

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Hmm, Don't know what to tell you there. I just tried it by changing the amount on an item. After updating the Inventoria Synchronization Settings, I looked at the list of items on Express Invoice and it did update the quantity properly. Is it possible that you're changing quantities in a location on Inventoria that Express Invoice is not using? As far as I know, Express Invoice only syncs with one location of Inventoria. We set up a location called "Sales" to sync with it. Then we move items from the true location into "Sales" after selling it. You probably know all that since you've been using them for a while. =)

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Im having the same problem 850 items in inventory and when I migrate and run a report it only show 485 items and I can see many missing although they come up and can be seen in items in express invoice as items the will not show up on reports


Starting to think this software is a joke

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Dont know if this will answer your question but whenever I add a new item to inventoria it wont show up in express invoice.

Bit of a pain when you do an invoice and the new item you just added isnt there.


What I do in this situation is go to items list in express invoice, delete everything and then click on the migrate from inventoria option.

This brings everything over from inventoria and you are then right to go back into invoicing and type away.


I also found if you try to add an item that is zero stock in inventoria the whole thing crashes so its a matter of shutting down express invoice, adding stock to inventoria and then going back to express invoice, deleting everything in the items list and do the migrate thing again.

Hopefully these issues will be adressed in later versions.


I am running Inventoria version 3.37, Express Invoice version 3.71 on a Mac Pro OSX 10.6.8, in Rosetta

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Has anyone noticed that MIGRATE is missing after the upgrade? Ho do you migrate from inventory to express invoice now ?


Express Invoice Plus C 4.45

Inventory V 3.66




from what I can see the migrate feature is missing from the FILE dropdown and I have to go to the preferences/inventory/update

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