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Trying to use for meat inventory- please help if you have done this!

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Hello all,

I am new to inventoria and I am trying to use the software to create an inventory for my direct sale meat business. However, when I try to add items to inventory it make each item by itself instead of putting all of one type together. For example, it doesn't tell me that I have 10 Ribeyes, it says that I have 1 Ribeye @ 1.6 lbs, 1 Ribeye @ 1.3 lbs etc. so when I sell the ribeye that weighs 1.6 lbs it just says I have 0 in inventory when really I have all the other ribeyes that just have different weights. It there a way that I can have it delete an item once I have sold it and also have it think of all Ribeyes as one product?

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You need to setup Ribeye as a single product and received the total weight of all to this product code. When you sell the Ribeye that weight 1.6 lbs you simply enter 1.6 as the quantity. The stock for Ribeye is now 1.6 lbs less than what you had before.


I hope this helps.



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