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Link to enable free licence is present but...


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I have a broadwave streaming audio server (v1.30) running fine, and accessible from the WAN. It worked fine for (probably) 14 days but now, whenever a user tries to connect, the local server displays a message requesting a registration key and the user hears no audio. Interestingly, if I cancel the registration key request, the local server appears to shut down (i.e. there are no windows or systray icons visible), but the user does then hear audio, for a while at least...


I do have the link on my webpage, exactly as specified for the free licence. Is the registration key request "expected behaviour"?



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The main Web says this:


"Free if you add a link. You can use the full version of BroadWave free if you link to us on your site. If you cannot link to us you will need to purchase after 14 days."


However, this apparently isn't true. I added the link to my site but the software still expired. I asked NCH Software about this but I was given a canned answer that didn't seem to understand my question. 6 months later I purchased the professional license because I needed it for a radio meteor application during an upcoming meteor shower but it is pricey for my very limited, experimental useage. I think they need to remove the "Free if you add a link" statement from their page.

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