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V.3.29 Video and Audio track split automatically


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Hello Community,

I consider myself to have been a kind of advanved user before upgrading to V3.29.

After having installed V.3.29 I was faced with a different user interface. So far, so good. I got used to it.

What drives me craczy is the fact that the audi track splits without any action from my side, when

I am changing something in the Video track and the other way round.. Or one track (e.g. video) splits and shifts clips in the other

(e.g. audio) and vice versa. Finally I get screwed up and discard the work to start from an empty project.

In the course of the discirbed mess, clips are duplicated an modified in length.


Do I have to study the manual before continuing using the program or consume tudorial videos, or is this a bug?


Thanks for investing your time to read my post.



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"I am changing something in the Video track and the other way round.. "


What are you trying to change or do when this happens?

The behaviour of the clips in version 3.xx can be confusing at first. With multiple tracks to work with it is less intuitive than version 2.41.

Simply dragging and dropping a clip onto the timeline will insert the new clip by splitting and separating all the tracks as shown by the yellow arrowed line that appears. If you use the right click menu from the clip in the media list you can add to the Start,End or Cursor position depending on you selection under "Options" but adding at the cursor position will split all the tracks in the same way.


For a start it may be better to add new clips to the first overlay track, and in general use Video track 1 and Video track 2 . This way you can "insert" a clip without actually splitting anything although some transitions between them would require both clips on the same track.


If you do choose to split first and insert your clips you can select the tracks to be split with the small down arrow next to the scissor icon and then create a gap in the timeline of sufficient size for the inserted clip. You can close the gaps later or drag them closed

Note that if you do split and separate the two parts of a clip in this way, the separated sections can be extended or shortened by dragging the cut ends in or out and It is quite possible to produce duplicate portions in each clip in this way. Whilst appearing to be discrete items they are actually duplicate copies of the same clip The main point I am trying to make is that if you insert, make an adequate gap first until you get used to how the program behaves. If you use the overlay track for a clip and you want to insert it later, you can easily open a large enough gap as you can see how long the overlay clip is. It's a simple matter then to just drag it down to the main track and close any excess gaps.



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WOW ! This is quite a change. Did I fail to read "what is new with this version"? I must admit that I may be biased by the joky answer "new bugs".

Beeing a noncommercial user, I still want all the fancy new features. And I am a more intuitve user, who uses to read a manual in the second

step preferably, which does not work with the new version anymore.


Thank you for your quick and informative answer.



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