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How to Configure External Music

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I downloaded a demo of the software and it looks promising for my needs, but I can't get any external music to come through. I'm using a laptop with a mic input, I selected the mic input as the external music source in options, but I don't hear anything come through unless I configure the sound card to "listen to this device" through windows.


When I queue up an announcement at an exact time and have the option on to fade external source when the announcement plays, the external music stays at the same level.


I'm wondering if this is because I"m on windows 8, not windows 7, but I wanted to see what other people had to do to configure external music sources and if there is something I"m missing.


I need something like this software if we can get it to do what we need.

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I am having the exact same problem, was this problem ever addressed? I have just spent countless hours trying to get this to work.  Has anyone been able to get external music or external microphone to work?   I have to select listen to device in the windows configuration and then the microphone works all the time, not just when you push the button to page.   I have tried the software installation on three different computers for testing.   Thank you for any help.

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