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Converting FLAC to MP3 mysteriously uses up hard disk

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Although I have specified another drive for my output files, whenever I try to convert some FLAC files to MP3 my main hard disk fills up rapidly during the conversion process and at the end of the process, and even after exiting the program, it remains at the same filled-up level. I also couldn't find the location of temporary files. None of the clean-up utilities I used could find any temporary files related to this program neither. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Wow! I just now registered for this formum precisely to post the same question you asked - I am dismayed to find no one has replied with a solution! For what it's worth, I've emailed tech support twice with this question and both times they seemed to have not really understood the problem. I'm doing the same thing, converting flac files and saving them to an external drive, yet my c: drive lost space even greater than the total size of the original files.


Please, moderator, get us an answer to this question!!

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