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Apply payment to invoice


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Hi there,


Even though the payment dialog box seems to give the option of applying a payment to a certain invoice, it doesn't seem to do that. I've tried going to my open invoices list, right clicking, and following the apply payment from there, but it still doesn't apply to the correct invoices. Is there any way to get it to apply a certain payment to a certain invoice? This is very important in keeping track of what's been paid by a customer!


Additionally, it's not even marking them paid in chronological order. Very confusing.



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I have a help request in to the tech department. I'll let you know if I find a way to do it.


Update March 5: The tech and I have emailed back and forth a couple of times. Still no resolution. Will keep you posted.

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Okay. I don't know why this worked and I'm not sure yet which is the "magic" step. But here's what I did:


Go to the payment screen.

Enter the payment information in the upper boxes.

Double click on the amount applied in the large box for applying a payment to a certain invoice. Put in the correct amount. Zero out the others or put in the appropriate amounts.


I've done those steps before. Here comes the weird part - and remember I don't know which is the ticket:


Uncheck the "Show Paid Invoices" box.

Recheck the "Show Paid Invoices" box.

Double click on the line of the invoice you want to pay.

Double click on the "Apply Payment to Invoice" bar.

Click on Record payment.


I successfully entered 3 payments for one customer this way and it's still showing a previous invoice as unpaid. YES!! Phew.


I'll go try it on some other accounts and add to this post if I figure out what the magic bullet was. =)

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I have a smilar problem with V3.99(i have been using Express invoice for 4 years now)

I cannot apply a payment o a specific invoice. It just refuse. I have the button APPLY PAYMENTTO THE INVOICE. nothing happens when i click it.

i cannot double clik the invoice form the list. Whatever I tried i just can't the payment is always applied to the oldest invoice

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Yes why is TERI always the one saving everyone !!! (again)


I have same problem - running Mac with Yosemite. Cant apply direct amount to a direct invoice unless you do all the clicking as instructed by TERI. Very annoying otherwise automatically applies payment to oldest invoices.

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I have a solution for new and old versions...read on.


I have recently upgraded to v4.45 for mac but have had the problem that Teri describes with earlier versions. Today I had the same problem when a customer who owed for 2 invoices ($240 & $120) paid only the $240. In the amount box under the customer's name, I changed the $360 to $240, clicked below on the $240 invoice that was being paid and it applied $120 to each invoice. If I was to compete the process by recording the payment, the $120 invoice would appear as paid and the $240 invoice would be partially paid with $120 still owing.


To overcome the problem I double clicked on the $120 in the 'applied' column for the $240 invoice and changed it to $240. The $120 in the 'applied' column for the $120 invoice disappeared. I then recorded the payment, opened the invoices list and the $240 appeared as paid and the $120 appeared as not paid which is the way it should be.


I didn't need to uncheck and recheck "Show paid Invoices" as Teri explained. I couldn't click on the "Apply payment to Invoice" bar because v4.45 no longer has one. My experience with earlier versions is very similar to the post from jadsfeir.


I have the old version still on my mac so I have just experimented and found a solution;


Change the figure in the amount box to the amount being paid,

Click on the invoice being paid,

Click on the 'Apply Payment to Invoice' bar, an 'Edit invoice box' will appear,

Change the 'amount applied' to the amount being paid and click ok.

Then record the payment.


Hope this helps.

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For me the above didn't help, but so happy there are others helping out because I don't see many question unanswered in the forum. So my invoices were not updated the status of paid but I think it was because I created the invoices in one location, then market them paid in another location, this is for a muti-site configuration. I could not get them to update, even when deleting the payment that was somehow not associated with the invoice, it would double the amount due (think that is a big bug).. Anyway, not ideal, but the only way to resolve the issue was deleting the payment, which updated the invoice funky,then duplicating the invoice deleting the old invoice and applying payment to new invoice, you have to make sure to change the dates to original. The only draw back is of course you will no have your original invoice numbers, but I added that info in comments.

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My post on March 3rd is one way to overcome the problem that Teri experienced. To make a payment that way, you needed to click on 'Apply Payment' first, select a customer and then follow my instructions. I have since discovered a better way that also works - you get the same result with fewer steps. Click on "Open Invoices List', select the invoice that is being paid and then click payment. The rest is straight forward.

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