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Express Accounts on multiple computers?


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Each license key is assigned to a specific Express Accounts version and can only be activated one time. If you would like to use Express Accounts on multiple computers, each computer must have a unique license key.


However, after the license is installed on a computer, that computer can have as many users on that specific computer as you need. You can log on that computer using the web feature.

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Good day, getting a little confused and anxious here.

I plan and need to install Express Accounts & Inventoria on one server but need to have the data and functions accessed from various other devices (about 8 other PC's and android tablets and smartphones). Is this possible? Do I need to install server software?

Do I have to buy multiple licenses other than the actual software? (We are accessing the same database but simultaneously from different devices).

Own network or web access, either way is fine, just that multiple user access is critical for me.

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So the licensing is per computer/server, instead of user. If I am the only user of Express Accounting and I have two computers, a desktop and laptop, I would need two licenses, is that correct? What about concurrent users using RDP to a server with Express Accounting installed?

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