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Using the 'Subtitles' button to display four strings in defferent colour


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I found two online videos of an old German song.

On the first of them the singer performed clearly better.

However, the second one was better in the video (only part of).

So I combined the parts I needed; and used lyrics in German and English to display text on the screen..


I applied the 'Add Text' button. On the screen the text looks like this:

GGGGGGGGGGGG (white letters for German)

EEEEEEEEEEE (red letters for English)





But I used the 'Subtitles' button for the title of the song in German and English.

And here I have a problem.

Song title should look like this(in the upper right corner):





( for language differences, I would like them to do with different colors ...)

But nothing happens - all are in the same color (although I have used the same technology as in the lyrics).

Had to separate them by extra dotted line.

? - (VP 3.24)

PS: If the name of the song consists of one line, you normally get a different color lines:



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Version 3.29

If you use subtitles, each line of text will be a single colour, but you can add a second or subsequent line in a different colour. The problem arises in positioning them.

You can position subtitles to appear at the same time, As with text, you can use the 9 position matrix but this is limited and there is no way you can fine tune it. Also the first subtitle will overwrite the other.


The answer is to put one subtitle at a different height to the other. Unfortunately as mentioned above VP will not allow you to move the text up or down by small amounts, it's either bottom, middle or top.


The nearest you can get if you want different coloured subtitles simultaneously is to do this:-


Create one subtitle in red (e.g.German) . Set it to appear at the Bottom Left of the screen. Set the IN/OUT position for this text and set the font size to 10.


Create your second subtitle (e,g, English) in a different colour but this time at the Top Left of the screen: Use the same font and the same IN/OUT positions.


You now need to push the upper text down the screen.

Do this by returning to the subtitle window and selecting the upper (English) text. At the start of this text add a full stop. Press the Enter key to add a new line between the full stop and the text proper. Repeat until the preview of the subtitled clip shows the upper (English) text appears just above the German line. You probably need to adjust each font size to get the best appearance. (7-8 seems OK with about 10-11 new lines))

Unavoidably there will be a full stop at the top left of the screen, but in this position and font size, it won't be too obvious.


Obviously once you have chosen the font size you will know how many new lines to add to get the upper subtitle in the correct position.

Note that if you use the Left middle matrix position, the full stop will be left of centre and if you use centre justification the full stop will end up near the middle of the screen. The option I am suggesting here is probably the best you can get.



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Bottom line...

Neither subtitles nor text can be more than a single color per clip, and positioning cannot be fine tuned via dragging. Needs work..


A small bug noted with subtitles in its CHANGE THE VERTICAL AND HORIZONTAL MARGINS OF THE TEXT box...

Enter a number there and then decide to cancel and the number remains, as if the OK button had been pressed. Ver 3.29.

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