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Invoices view Vs Unpaid Accounts Report

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I have a bit of a problem, when I look at the invoices list I can see that all have a status of paid bar 1 which has a partial payment - as far as I am aware this is correct. However when I run the unpaid account report it show that a number of customers have a balance on their account, so I have an unpaid amount of 1,480.00


I am stuck, I do not know how to correct this or investigate it further.


I did check in the journal and could not see any problems, my invoices matched the payment that had been received.


Can anyone help please


Many thanks


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Hi Sandra,


Not sure what version you are using or if it makes a difference,( I have stuck with V4.51)


Go to View - Customers then find the customer that has the incorrect balance, double click the customer, in the next screen select the INFO tab then click the "recalculate balance" button.


Good luck :rolleyes:


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Thank you!


I have version 4.82 and that button , is not there, but, there is a button called, search invoices, and did click it once, found no invoice, closed the application, entered tried again, and again, and finally I got a message saying, express has recalculated and now , balance seems to be correct showing 0! . thank you once again!

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