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Exporting out of Copper


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I downloaded the Copper for use and then later notice the additional software inventoria.

I have since then made a purchase for Inventoria.


Issue I have now is I have scanned all my products in Copper and need to make sure all that products sync to Inventoria.


The current sync is from Inventoria to Copper and not the other way around. I cannot seem to locate an export function either. I was hoping to export the items out of Copper and import them into Inventoria.


Can I please get some help? Thanks.

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Is the support system works here???


No answer to above question.


Why a simple export function is not available or how to sync copper items to inventoria.


Being such a huge software provider, i dont see why support cant even answer saying its not available or a procedure in achieving it.

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I have managed to use an excel macro to open each dat file item in the back up folder, add it as a new line, and end up with a csv file to edit then re import with corrections etc. This worked no problem...


However, It was not quick, as many items were not the same format so some of the lines needed extra columns to align everything. Lotds of


So yes it is possible, but could be made easier with an export option.

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