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Using the 'Subtitles' button to display four strings in defferent color


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I found two online videos of an old German song.

On the first of them the singer performed clearly better.

However, the second one was better in the video (only part of).

So I combined the parts I needed; and used lyrics in German and English to display text on the screen..


I applied the 'Add Text' button. On the screen the text looks like this:

GGGGGGGGGGGG (white letters for German)

EEEEEEEEEEE (red letters for English)





But I used the 'Subtitles' button for the title of the song in German and English.

And here I have a problem.

Song title should look like this(in the upper right corner):





( for language differences, I would like them to do with different colors ...)

But nothing happens - all are in the same color (although I have used the same technology as in the lyrics).

Had to separate them by extra dotted line.

? - (VP 3.24)

PS: If the name of the song consists of one line, you normally get a different color lines:



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Guest Alex Chapman

Hi Vlad, I think you should try posting your question in the VideoPad forum, as the feature you describe isn't present in WavePad.

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