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Changing email template

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I'm not sure, but I think the best you can do is create a format that you like and cut/paste into the personal message box when the email option pops up. I haven't found a way to change their default verbiage. Try sending emails to yourself to test them. Also, I always put a comma and my own email address in the customers email address portion of their account page. This way I get a copy of the email, too.

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Good topic. It certainly is needed in the next App version (well overdue) to be able to make your own default words in the email template. To NCH - please make this a possibility....soon!

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Hi all,

When I email my invoices, I place in my own wording in the body of the message. It is not convenient but does get me there in the end. Firstly, I open up a previous email (from my 'sent' box) to copy the 'body' of my own wording. This involves copy/paste/type in my own wording in the Subject, and Body of the new email. (I use the iPad App version.) I always save the email as a DRAFT before/after the changes. Once satisfied with my draft, I then send email. I use about three words from the default NCH wording & do positively hope that App Support are going to step up and provide a better Editing option on this topic, and in return I, as one, would be one step closer to promote in my emails the closing default NCH wording. ???



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