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Barcode scanner - does it work when i want to 'add a new item' or 'Enter item code'??


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please help!!


I have a barcode scanner, but when i scan items, it doesnt pick up to add to the 'item code' bit in the 'add a new item' section or 'Enter item code' section??


It would be annoying for me if I was to 'enter the code' every time on a new transaction order. Hence I ask here if I can scan the barcode from my barcode scanner to the actual product item? ... so then it comes up on the screen order automatically, rather then me entering the item code of my items to show up.


Hope the above is clear? if not, please do let me know.




Hope to hear from you very soon.

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Here are some things to try:


If you open Notepad or TextEdit and scan a barcode, does the number appear? For instance:


Also, does the cursor move to the next line?

If not, then you will need to configure the barcode scanner to work in keyboard emulation mode. This is typically done by scanning codes in the barcode reader manual.


To create new items:

(1) Click on "Select Item".

(2) Click on the green plus sign.

(3) Scan the barcode (in the Item Code field)

(4) Enter the other details and press OK.


To look up items:

- With the cursor in the "Enter Item Code" box, scan the item.

- If the item exists, it should be added to the list.

- If the item does not exist, an error message comes up saying, "No item with code '...' could be found in the items list"


A possible point of confusion:

- The "Add Item" button adds the item in the text box to the order. I almost never use this button. If I am using a barcode reader, the text box accepts it without pressing the button. If I am looking up an item manually, I press "Select Item" instead.

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