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Additional Chart Shapes?

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I love the simplicity of click charts, however I was wondering if there was a way to add additional chart shapes /objects to it?


Is there way either through expansions or custom files i can define new shapes? I was wondering if there was a community template library or similar.


Many thanks


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Hi Mark,


The symbol collection will grow from time to time including new diagram catalogs.


We can't create custom shapes at the moment but I agree with you that it would be useful.


Like the other NCH products, ClickCharts will be improved continuously and be updated for every few months.


Best regards,


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While waiting for an option to make custom shapes it would be great if I simply could move shapes from one type of chart to another one.

In my case I only use the Flowchart but I like some of the symbols in the other chart types and would like to move or copy them to the flowchart section.



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