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Hi there,


We've been using Inventoria and are fairly pleased with it. We're now trying out Express Accounts, but can't figure out what information it wants in the dialog box for the integration. Which is the server program?

  • Access Authorization Code?
  • Address or IP of server program? I assume it means the web access IP given in Inventoria?
  • Port# used by server program? I assume the port used by Inventoria?
  • Location name for business profile?

When I put in my registration code, the web access for Inventoria, and the port used by Inventoria, then search for locations, it comes up with "Conn." I update and it gives me an error message.


Also, another question that may need a different post: If I only want to track inventory and accounts receivable, do I need Express Accounts? Or will Express Invoice do the trick? I want to be able to produce monthly reports of sales, sales by item and a past due report.



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I figured this out. For anyone else having the problem here's what I did:

  • Go to Inventoria to Preferences/Other/Advanced Settings and click the box to allow the other programs to sync with Inventoria. Then input an authorization access code of your choice.
  • Now go to Express Accounts to Preferences/Other/Inventoria Synchronization Settings and click that box to sync to Inventoria. Then input the same authorization code you used in Inventoria. The address is the IP that Inventoria gives you for your web access. The port is the port it gives you (the number after the colon).
  • Click Retrieve Locations.
  • Select your location from the drop down list.
  • Click Update.

Thanks! Hope this helps someone else!

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