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Inventoria/Express Invoice/Express Accounts Linking

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OK so how do I link all the above together?


I have my inventoria in the warehouse,

I have my Express Invoice in The Shop

I have my express accounts in the accounts dept


Item comes in and gets uploaded in to inventoria, then I sell said item in the shop, right that is fine items are coming and going as should be. Sold items are removed form stock as invoice is raised which is fine ......... NOW


How the hell do I link Express Invoice with Express Accounts? As that only update the stock from Inventori and not the invoices raised in Express Invoices ..... Too confusing

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On Inventoria:

(1) Open Inventoria.

(2) Options -> Other -> Advanced Settings...

(3) Check “Allow Express Invoice, Express Accounts, or Copper to synchronize with Inventoria.”

(4) Access Authentication Code: Enter a number or password that is hard for others to guess. Sometimes I use "123456" for testing.

(5) Click OK.

Leave Inventoria running.


On ExpressAccounts:

(6) Run Express Accounts.

(7) Options -> Inventory.

(8) Check “Allow Express Accounts to synchronize with Inventoria”

(9) Access Authentication Code: Enter your code again here from Inventoria

(10) IP address: Enter if ExpressAccounts and Inventoria are running on the same computer. (Otherwise, you may need to go back to the other computer and visit www.whatsmyip.org or use another approach to see the IP address of that computer.)

(11) Enter the port number, which is 1097 for Inventoria by default (unless you changed to something else)

(12) Location name: Click "Retrieve Locations". Then select a location from the drop-down. If you haven't changed the defaults in Inventoria, it will be "Main Warehouse".

(13) Click "Update now" to make sure it works.

(14) Click OK at the bottom of the window.

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Thank you NCH OMG, it worked, I can now add items and see the inventory list through Express Accounts. Though in Reports the Inventory List is empty, but I will go back at it again. Next time I will do an invoice to see if the items are auto. Thanks again.

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Thanks. Is there any way to get more robust reporting of my Copper transactions? Inventoria's reporting is robust for inventory issues but very minimal for sales transactions. Would running all 3 programs simultaneously (with Copper & ExpInv both synced with Inventoria) provide full reporting? If so, is it technically feasible?

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I am new to this software but i think express accounts and express invoice should link as inventoria do. Some how the software just complicates things, as a small business i dont have a dedicated IT department. I now spend time trying to enter items twice.

Front desk=invoice

Rear= inventory

Behind the scene=accounts


These should link in suite so the people can do their core business.

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On 1/14/2017 at 7:12 AM, chirag1203 said:

I have linked my Inventoria with express accounts. If I add new item in inventoria, I can see in express accounts. But my purchases in Express Accounts are not seen in inventory reports and are neither seen in inventoria. Please help!!

Has anyone found a way to make this happen?

Also, when orders are created in express accounts, is inventory deducted from inventoria?


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On 10/17/2017 at 6:47 AM, RFH said:

Click on Accounts in the header bar and select import data from Express Invoice. This adds data to the Sales Day Book. 

Cannot find Accounts in Express Invoice program or in Inventoria


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Good day,

I have been working on Express Invoice for many years, and would like to purchase the Express accounting software now.  However i know if can import all the data from Express invoice to Express Account, but it warns me that i will loose all the current data.  Is this current data in the Express invoice program or the data in the Express accounting program.  As i do not not know if this will work for me until i try it, I would like to import current data and test it out before i buy and it does not work for me.  Will i loose all data in Express Invoice?  Or will i still be able to work in Express Invoice and test Express Accounting with all data imported?

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Is there a way to import or transfer specific files from express invoice to accounts that will make journal entries such as payments received and generals sales. I have already enter data to accounts and would like not to have to re-enter purchases and such. also im having problems with balances not matching between the programs.

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