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I cannot figure out how to do Split Transactions. I want to use this feature for multiple purchases with the same Check or Credit Card. The "Help" information says to use the "Add" button. I hit the add button for a new transaction. Then I enter the total transaction information, e.g.. $1,000. I would then like to enter e.g., $500 car repairs; $200 groceries; $300 clothing.


I would appreciate a step by step way to do this. What do I do after I enter the overall amount? What is my next step to enter the split detail? I have tried hitting the Add button while I have the overall transaction is opened, but that didn't work.


Thanks so much for your help. I am sure it is very simple, but I am doing something wrong.

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Hi. For Windows. First make sure you have the most recent version - 1.07. There is a "split" option on the transaction entry/edit screen. You can also create or edit splits by right clicking on an existing transaction and choosing the split option from the drop down list.

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