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Crop + Motion = Centering Bug?

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Hi. I am trying to display two clips in parallel side by side.


They were both shot in 16:9, so I used the Motion feature to shift each image horizontally so that the subjects are shifted to the left and right edges, respectively. Then I used Crop to eliminate the right half from the left-shifted clip and the left half from the right-shifted clip. Theoretically that should have produced the desired result.


The problem is that when I combine the Crop and Motion features it displays correctly in the editor's miniscreen (each image separately is in the correct location displaying the correct contents), but when viewed in the main preview pane the cropped images are both centered! Am I missing something here?





EDIT: Problem solved! If anyone else has this issue the solution is to put a Motion effect both before *and* after the Crop effect. Hurrah!

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Depending on exactly where the subject matter is on each clip, you could also use the "Position" effect.

Put one clip on the overlay track and set the OffsetX% to 50% or -50% depending on which half you want to see.

Put the other clip on the main sequence.

The overlay will cover one half of the main clip.


If the subject is too central for this on the unaltered clips then before you use "Position", you could use the "Crop" effect to offset the subject of the clip to the left or the right.



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