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Accounts payable, reverse payment


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Hello there,


I have 3 bills that had to be paid to the same company. I had them all sitting listed in my accounts payable list.

I did one payment and now all 3 bills have disappeared from the list.


How can I reverse this? Where can I find the bills?


Did I without realizing apply a payment to these bills? If so, can I reverse this?


Much thanks in advance!

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Thank you for your reply!


I did run into another issue today, maybe you can shed some light?


I have added all the invoices today. One company has several invoices that have not been paid yet. I did get a payment for one of the invoices and went to apply the payment. I am pretty sure and did take care to apply the payment to the invoice in question. Now however all of the invoices for that particular company are set to pay.


Do you have any idea why this happens and more importantly can it be fixed, and if so how?


Thanks bunches!!

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