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CSV import, customers on a invoice and refunds


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Hi all,


i love the program but i do mis some features or i didn't explore them at this time.


I would like to import over 4000 products, but does somebody have a example of the right excel file that i can use to import the products?


Some customers want to have there name / company name on the invoice. Does somebody knows how this is can be?


also i want to have on the refunds invoice the "-" before the total of the invoice.


thx for the reply!

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To create the import file:

(1) Create an Excel file with three columns: ItemCode,Description,Price

(2) Fill in the rows with your data.

(3) Click on the round menu button -> Save As.

Save as type: CSV (comma delimited).

Then choose a name and save it normally.

(4) As you know, the import function is under the Item List dialog.


It's best to enter a few test transactions after you've imported the data, to make sure the performance is within your expectations.

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