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No Sound from Tone Generator

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Hi there,

I recently purchased the Tone Generator software after good experiences with the demo version. First use after purchase went well. The next day I tried to use the software, and no sound played back. I went ahead and went to Add/Remove programs (windows) and ran a re-install of the software. No luck here either. The player shows that there is a tone being generated after I select the play button, but no sound is audible (I have double checked the volume bar within the software, I have double checked my device settings/audo output settings). Ever have this happen before?

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I had the same problem, no sound output from my speakers when playing a tone. I am running Windows 7 on my computer, and I finally found that clicking the VOLUME icon in the lower right of the quick launch bar and then clicking MIXER brought up a NCH Tone Generator slider that was all the way down (muted). Moving the slider up un-mutes the speakers and increases the tone volume.

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