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Hey, i have a very weird problem with my mic

I spend all night recording, perfectly without any problems

But the next day it just suddenly the Microphone just stopped appearing in options

Is not the mic cuz in skype and other microphone related programs it works just fine

I don't know what else to do =(

Please help


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If you are using a USB mic, unplug it and plug it into another usb 2.0 jack (on the computer, not on a hub), THEN start Debut. You may ALSO need to open the Debut options-audio window, then uncheck and recheck the mic box, then click OK. See this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AukqijqSHbU&index=6&list=PLgHiYdbb2tMIQkEQXls8bvaPsLTDQrNFx

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