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Can I Change Image Clip Duration for ALL Clips Simultaneously

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Well, you can change the default duration time when they are _first added_ to the timeline in the options. Default is 3, but you can change it to whatever. However changing this has no impact on any clips already in the timeline. I don't see any way to bulk change the duration in version 3.24.


Depending on your video and your technical proficiency, you might be able to export the video and edit its length using AviSynth and VirtualDub. For example it would be easiest if it were *only* image clips (and audio) and you want to slow the whole thing down a certain amount/percentage. But as far as a solution in VideoPad, I don't know of one.

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If you have already saved the project with the wrong image duration value you will have to start again or change them all individually as even if you change the default, your project will load with the previous value. Changing the default after you have loaded the project will have no effect on the current images, it will only affect new images added to the media list from this point on.


You can set the default value for the duration of any image added to the time line if you click the chevron icon at the right hand end of the toolbar next to "NCH Suite" and select "Options" from the choices.


Click the "Media" tab and alter the value for the "Default Still Image Duration" to a value you find more suitable and then "OK".


As I said, the new value will only affect new images added to the media list after this change. Any image already on the media list, even if not used, will retain the previous duration value. Similarly adding any old image a second to the sequence will retain the old value.


With so many images as you appear to have, it may be quicker to start again.

Don't clear the cache as your images will already be there with their thumbnails and will load faster to the Media list.

Close VP and click "Discard"

Open VP and Create a New Project.

Change the "Default still image duration" value as mentioned above

Change the "Add new clip to the following position:" box to "Ask me" and click OK.

Load all your images to the media list. (If you are in thumbnail view you will see them load.)

If they are in projection order on the list, select the lot and select to "Place on sequence" folloowed when asked by "Place on Sequence at End"

All the images will be placed on the timeline in the order displayed each with the duration value you have selected.



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