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using Switch to convert DVD (.v0b) to MP3

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Hi everyone,


I'm a newbie at this. I want to use Switch to convert the audio from a DVD movie (.vob files) to MP3. I think it's a question of "which .v0b files contain the movie?"


I used DVD Shrink to rip the DVD to a folder on my hard drive. Then, in Switch (v.4.52) I selected the largest vob files, figuring that they were the movie. But when I listened to the MP3s, there was nothing but silence. When I selected some of the other smaller files, I got the audio, but it was mostly the other stuff on the DVD, like the previews and such. One of the files, the very last one (VTS_15_1.vob), had a section of the movie.


Or do I have to convert the VOB files to another video format first, and then convert that video format to MP3?



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