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Two Fastfox Issues


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So i finally got a new computer, from vista to 8.1. My fastfox version on my old computer is from four years ago. i don't remember the version number, but old. Have a huge dictionary now because i've had it for so long, easily thousands of words.


However, when i load it onto the new fastfox version, it's corrupted. i have over 100 copies of my dictionary with minor changes in it and not one of them works. Any idea how i can fix this? It has entirely crippled my productivity, not to mention i have had to start from memory/scratch again, thousands of words i shortcutted.


Second problem is, any time i do a text expansion, it eliminates whatever punctuation i typed after the shortcut and does not expand on apostrophes like it used to.


I really was happy with the software and it worked great for all these years up to now, but these things add up to a deal breaker for me. If i cannot get this stuff ironed out, i have to go to someone else because i just can't sit around and wait for an unknown amount of time to see things fixed. i don't want to because i have a very good history with your product so far. i also own a second copy of this software on my laptop and this new upgrade is the third copy.


Thank you in advance.

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