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Copper and Inventoria Intergration


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Ok I have an issue, Inventoria and Copper work well to transfer stock levels but I can't get any profit or tax details.

Inventoria has it but it dosn't link with Copper and Copper doesn't have that type of report ability. Anyone know how to get around this issue?

Starting to wonder if Copper OR inventoria were a good investment!

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You can integrate Copper with Inventoria.


For instructions, please see this discussion and scroll down to the bottom: http://nch.invisionz...toria-together/


Let me know if I misunderstood your question...

Sorry about the delay in getting back to you!


Yes you have misunderstood the question.

I have copper and Inventoria talking to each other just fine, this issue is the reporting of profits and such. Inventoria shows the stock levels dropping when I use copper to sell and item but the reporting functions don't show the sales that have gone through Copper, only the stock levels.


For accounting purposes I NEED the sales figures and profit, tax margines which Copper doesn't have the full range of reports but Inventoria does but won't show the sales infromation!



Martin Shelton

Martin's Computer Service

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The feature is not supported, but you can save the reports in CSV format and manipulate the data in Excel.


Here is one approach:

(1) Open the Inventoria "Inventory" report. Go to Report -> Save as CSV and save it.

(2) Open the Copper "Item: Sales" report. Go to Report -> Save as CSV and save it.

(3) Open the Copper "Item: Refunds" report. Go to Report -> Save as CSV and save it.

(4) Open all three files in Excel.

(5) Also open a blank file in Excel.

(6) Copy and paste the tables from the Inventory, Item Sales, and Item Refund reports into the new table. Paste them side-by-side with a column between each one.

(7) You now have three tables, side-by-side, on a single Excel sheet. If you want, you can insert a top row and label them as "Inventory", "Sales", and "Refunds".

(8) Select and highlight in bold the columns that will matter. These are "Item" and "Item Code", "Cost Value", "Disc. Value" (the price after discounts), and "Qty".

(9) Make sure the Item Codes match up on all three tables, so that an item is on one row. You may need to move the refund values down to the correct locations.

(10) Create a new column, "Net Sales", to the right. It is calculated as the Sales table "Disc. Value" minus the Refunds table "Disc. Value", or =M2-S2

(11) Create a new column, "Net Cost" to the right. it is ((Sales:Qty)-(Refunds:Qty)) * (Inventory:Cost Value), or =(K2-Q2)*F2

(12) Create a new column, "Net Profit" to the right. It is "Net Sales" - "Net Cost".

Then add column totals and any other calculations you need.


I hope that helps, even if it's not as easy as it could be.

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hi, im purchase inventoria and cooper sell. its work perfect togather.

The problem is one only, i cannot view sell report on inventoria, when i click sell report, its blank and and showing profit is 0. Somebody can update me what is the problem

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Same here. No Sales Profit Report either in Copper or Inventoria. Hopefully someone from the "Admin" of this forum give us answer if they releasing a new version where we can generate a Sales Profit Report. I think including it on Copper POS system will be great.

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The synchronization works for Inventoria to keep track only of the stock availability, everything related to sales, reports and anything else not Stock would be handled by Copper. The sales profit reports is not available on Copper but we will forward your suggestions to our developers for further consideration.

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Same issue with me.. copper records transaction but not profit report, meanwhile inventoria records sales profit but not the transaction that recorded in copper (even it already integrated with copper)... 


I cannot understand what is the purpose of each program in term of this matter. But I think the software creator designed copper for the employee who better don't know about the things that should be considered as a company confidential such a : profit report, cost value etc.. you can imagine what happen if the employee knows about the profit or cost value.. so copper was designed to be operated by employee not the business owner. 


And the missing link is when the business owner cannot see the sales profit.. and their products movement.. so i suggest to the software developer to :

1. Leave copper just like now, (no need to make any revision in copper), so the profit and cost value only known by business owner

2. Provide sales report and other important report for the business owner (maybe can thru express account because inventoria is for inventory management)


And I still don't see the connection of express account on this issue.. 


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On 12/29/2013 at 8:09 PM, burton2663 said:

i have configured sync access of copper and inventoria, i can view the data of inventoria in copper. made a transaction in copper gave me this error


Sync error

connection rejected - application integration not enabled by copper

I have the same error. Any resolution on this yet?

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Same here guys put the programs on  new pc before was working fine could get everything sales report included but now on the new pc i cant even get a sales report and help would be great all 4 programs are linked together stock changes on inventoria when a sale is made but thats it 

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