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Could not initialize video output


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After attempting to upload a movie to Youtube, Facebook and even save to my hard drive, I received the following message: "Failed to create your move. Could not initialize video output." What does this mean? How can work around it? I need this movie for a class I am taking, and it is due tomorrow. >_<




PS, am running a pc w windows 7 Home Premium, SP1 on an HP DV6 notebook 64 bit, AMD Turion II P520 2.30 ghz. And please, don't deride for my hardware... it's all I have to work with. Thanks.


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I don't know what the message you get means except that it would appear that your movie is not rendered for some reason.

You don't say what version of VP you are uisng.


Here are the steps I use to create an avi file on myVista PC with version 2.41 (but it also works for 3.xx versions) . It's a copy that I sent to another post for a different reason. Perhaps it may help.....


To save you film as an .avi file to your PC.....


1) Load your project into VP and click the "Save Movie" button on the toolbar then select "Computer/Data"

2) Enter the Save destination and name for your .avi. (Set up a folder first if necessary and then browse to it, or just select the desktop.)

3) Left click the down arrow in the "Preset" box and select HD 720 from the drop down list. (or HD 1080 depending on your video clip format). The Preset box will change to HD 720. The "File Format" will be .avi. The "Resolution" will be 1280 x 720 - 720p

5) Click the down arrow in the "Frame Rate" box and select 25.00 (TV PAL).......(or for the U.S. (29.97 (TV NTSC))

As you have now completed all the entries the "Preset" box changes to "Custom".............(It does this anyway.)


6) Now click the "Encoder Options" button.


The "Video Compressor" window will now show H264 (Native). You can leave it as this or if you prefer you can click the down button and select MPEG4 (Native). (I can't see much difference in the final output between these, but as my camera outputs in this format, I leave it))


Leave it as H264 (Native)


7) Click the "Video Compression Settings" button.

If you have left the H264 (Native) option you will have a "Quality" slider set at a default value of 23. This is fine but I usually pull this back to 10. It takes longer to render the final .avi but there is less "blockyness" when the film contains large amounts of similar colours. If you slide it below 10 then rendering can take some time. Sliding it to the right and the film renders more quickly but becomes visibly blocky.

8) Click the OK button

9) The "Sound Compressor" default is MP3 (Native). Leave it as this.

10) The "Sound format" default is 44100 Hz, 128 kbps, Stereo. THis is the top of the list so leave it at this.

11) Click the OK button.


You will now have......

Save destination..................The File and name you entered.

Preset................................ Custom

File Format......................... .avi

Resolution........................... 1280 x 720 - 720p (or 1920 x 1080 etc.depending on your choice under (3))

Frame Rate......................... 25.00 (TV PAL) or 29.97 (TV NTSC)


Click the OK button and your .avi file will (should) render to the folder and with the name you selected under (2).


When completed videopad will tell you so and prompt you to open the folder with the .avi file highlighted.

Double click this and it should open in the player that your PC is setup to use with .avi files.




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I would just like to say that I had this error message when trying to save a movie and discovered that it was because the File Format box was empty. I selected .mp4 from the dropdown and it saved all right.


A case of an unhelpful, catch-all error message from NCH.

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Это очень старый предмет. Было бы лучше открыть новую запись в форуме. 
Также, пожалуйста, используйте английский язык. 
Eto ochen' staryy predmet. Bylo by luchshe otkryt' novuyu zapis' v forume. 
Takzhe, pozhaluysta, ispol'zuyte angliyskiy yazyk.

"Try setting (if you want to save in .mp4 format) mpeg4, as shown here by example."

You are contributing to an  old thread from 2013. Please start a new one. Also the forum entry should be in English.


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