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Need help using PNG file Watermark


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I've had VideoPad since about June 2011(I have Videopad Version 2.22). I've tried many times to enter a PNG file with a transparent background into the program. I import the file and drag it to the overlay. When I play it over the video,there is a big white box behind the image. I saw a video on youtube where a guy got his watermark to work by pressing on a little green button that had a little man on it. My video pad has no such button. Is there some update so i can get that button or is my program just not capable of having a watermark over a video without having the while box behind it? Someone please let me know, I've had this program for a long time now and this issue prevents me from doing what i want to use the program for.

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Not sure about version 2.22 but I would download a later version such as 2.41 or 3.12


2.41 from here http://download.chip...or_5697484.html


There are more features in the 3.xx versions but still some bugs. The 3.xx versions however support (I think) the alpha channel (opacity) in the videos and images used.


PNG image files should load OK but the transparent area will appear as white.

Just load the image to the overlay track (in version 3.xx this can be any of the upper video tracks) In 2.41 it is below the main video track.

aNow left click it. It will preview in the left hand clip preview pane. Any image on the overlay track will take precedence over any image/video on the main sequence track.I assume you want the white area to remain transparent. I haven't tried it but this might happen automatically in the 3.xx versions.


In v2.41, under the preview image will be an area with some control settings. You can set the image to be central with the arrow matrix and adjust it to full size and 0% opacity with the sliders. It should now cover up any image or video on the main sequence line.

To the right of the arrow matrix is a further box one of which is the green square with the little man that you mention.

This button controls the chroma key colour.

Click this and it will open a larger "Chroma Key Select" screen . Assuming you want your white areas to become transparent so as to reveal those areas in the video/image on the main sequence line you must set the chroma colour to white.So click the colour box and select white from the selection shown and click OK.

Slide both sliders to the left and all the image will show. Now move the lower (foreground) slider towards the right. Any part of the image that it white will become chequered showing it has become transparent.

The main track video will now show through in these areas.

Unfortunately the effect works on all white pixels (or pixels of the selected colour) so white areas in the overlay image itself will also be incorporated into the transparent channel. That's why chroma screens tend to be green or blue. But it's worth trying.


If you want some form of text watermark then just add your text as an overlay and then set the border of the text to white and the body the the text to black. Then adjust the opacity to a suitable low level and finally set the text position.



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Nat, you nailed it. I downloaded that update in your link and I got the watermark working. Thanks for taking the time out to give me a couple different suggestions and to cover a couple of questions I might have down the road. Thank you so much! :)



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