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EA on Terminal Server


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I've been testing EA out as an accounting solution on a Terminal Server.


While the web interface is pretty good, and there is NOTHING I know of in the market that can do what EA does as well as it does for the price, size of program and speed, I have customers who want Windows interfaces and multiuser.


It works perfectly on a multiuser system - but for ONE problem.


Generating invoices.


If I have two users generating invoices at the same time in the web interface - no problems, one can record their invoice and the other half a second later, and the numbering will be in order. 10001 for one, 10002 for the next and so on.


If I do this with 2 users in the Windows interface however - the invoice number is generated at the start of the process, meaning in the above example both users will see 10001 - a direct conflict. When the first user posts their invoice, all good, the second, not so much - in fact not at all, the software will warn the invoice number exists and refuse to record until the number is changed.


So close - and yet so far...


The problem doesn't occur with Sales Orders, Quotes, Purchase Orders.


If this issue can be resolved, then I have a customer who (if they can tolerate the limited reporting) will walk away from using Quickbooks Enterprise and move to EA.


IF they can tolerate the dearth of reporting compared to QB...

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