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Another disapointed custommer, bought, installed and tried to make a slideshow, it's fairly easy but there's one "small" problem, the output is in black & white and it's not because I've selected the B&W effect. I tried to email support an WOW!!!! I need to pay another 30$ if I want support. WHAT!?!?!?! They say they answer their paying custommers first as for the others we may get an answer, once they've answered the paying custommers.


If anyone can hep let me know, other wise I think I just threw 30$ in the garbage

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I tried to get support free (sort of...I bought Photostage). No response. I bought Silver Package expecting response within 8 hours. 24 hours + later, still no response. I am not pleased that minimal support costs about as much as the product itself. In other words the REAL price of Photostage is about twice as advertised. That wouldn't be so offensive if I actually got the support, which has not been the case so far. NCH is going to get some seriously bad ratings in public places unless this issue is cleared up forthwith. i think some comment from NCH is in order here.

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