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Isn't this feature most commonly found on screen capture programs? Like the kind you'd use to do computer tutorials for, say, You Tube?

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I am making highlight footage for my son and others on his HS team and I would like to add a Highlight circle around a player at different times during the clip, or once if several is not workable.


Well, it's possible but arduous. One way would be to save a still image of a circle, then key out its background with the VP chromakey effect. Superimpose this over the main video, using effects track/2nd video track.

Motion effects can be applied track the action (move the circle).

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VERY arduous :) ..... but a good exercise in using the Effects window :) . The main difficulty when I tried this out on a short clip (my overlay was simply a second clip much reduced to a small square instead of an image of a circle) was that without repeated testing of the main sequence with the overlay you can't tell where exactly where your overlay image is against the main track ,as the effects preview pane only shows the overlay track with its blank chequered background.

I found it was mostly a matter of guesswork. If the movement required is steady and straight then it's easier but any complicated motion is very difficult to follow.



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