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Automatic backup


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can someone explain how the autobackup works in this program and where it goes. I have my backups set to go to a specific folder but the only ones in there is what I do manually because the auto backup appears to do noting that I can see.



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This is interesting. I did not know auto-backup existed in ExpressAccounts. Thank you for your post; it drove me to look for it and found out how that works.


Try this:

Note: I am using ExpressAccounts ver 4.79 on Windows 7 OS.

- Go to 'Accounts' menu -> 'Back Up Data...

- On 'Back Up Data' window, select 'Back up to a Network Folder' and 'Select Folder' to a desired location on your hard drive.

- On the same window, select 'Enable Scheduler', and 'Save'


I found that it creates the daily backup schedule in Windows Task Scheduler.

If you are familiar with this, you could change rules and times of scheduling directly from the Windows Task Scheduler (plenty of help on this topic can be found on internet).


I think, your computer needs to be ON at the scheduled time, otherwise it won't backup until the next scheduled time.

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thanks for that, I have hunted high and low for info on the autobackup and there is no info or help file about it so now this clears it up and I can set it up correctly. It would be nice to have the schedule days and times etc straight in the program so you don't have to look all over the place to work it out.


Even having a paid version of the software the support is so lacking and very disappointing.

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