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Now Recording time paralizes at 59m57s everytime.


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Friends, after I converted 3 VHS (at 5 hours, it stoped), Golden now paralizes the recording at 59m57s (I tried several times).

The time count "Recording Time" simply paralizes at 59m57s and stops the recording.

I sent an e-mail to developers, but they still did not answered.

I re-installed, but it persists.

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Guest N C H_TM

Ken-Oh, if you submitted a bug report, that was indeed sent to the developers. However, you will not receive a response from them unless they need additional information from you. As noted on the Bug Report Form on the website, "This report will be logged and sent to the development team through the development system. You will not get an immediate or personal response."


If you require technical assistance, please contact our Golden Videos support team at http://www.nch.com.a...re=GoldenVideos

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