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Is it possible to create an invoice from multiple orders?

Ivana Croxcatto

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I found the way to create an invoice from just one order, but I would like to be able to create the invoice from any orders at the same time.


The thing is many times orders are for a small value, and the client prefers to get the invoice for the total to be paid at one time, and not a bunch of small valued invoices.


This would also be a solution for me, because sometimes clients, when they have several invoices (instead of one) to be paid, make the payment for the grand total at one time, but making several wire transfers (one for each invoice because of the way their systems work) and I get charged bank fees for each separate transaction.


I would really appreciate your help. Thank you!



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Hi Ivana,


Combining many orders into one invoice has many complications. For example: if Order 1 has 5% discount applied to entire order, and order 2 has no discounts, then merging creates calculation uncertainties. None-the-less, there are other factors to consider, such as due dates differences, billing/shipping addresses differences, tax-exemption differences with orders, etc. Thus, I'd not recommend going that road.


However, there's a solution. I believe what you are looking for is 'customer statement'. This can be access through:

- 'View->Customers'.

- Select your client and click 'Statement' on top toolbar. You could preview or print it.

- It contains the summary of all the invoices, amount due, amount paid, for the selected period. You could send this to your client. Make sure to verify and match all information on the statement with invoices and your expectations before sending it. :)


Hope this helps!

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Thank you for your response!! I won't really have the problems you mention with orders because I don't sell products but services (no shipping involved) and also there are no discounts or taxes implied. It is just the total for each task every time.


The solution you mention would be useful for administrative purposes, but it does not act as an invoice for my client, and I am still left with many wire transfers for small amounts (because the client's system processes invoices one by one).


I thought about creating a draft invoice that I can close when the amount for the transfer is reached. However, I would have loved to have the option to combine several orders (or quotes or any other intermediate step) into the final invoice).


I really appreciate your help!



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