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Newby 'non accountant' help needed with income statement


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Hi Folks


So I am just starting out with the software - have been playing around with it for a little while and thought I had got the correct idea but now that I have entered the last quarters transactions I am in trouble.


I have run the income statement and it shows:


4000 Accounts receivable (13,032.00)

4120 Sales £10,770.51

Total Income (2,261.49)


Gross Profit (2,261.49)


I have entered a total of 14,146.00 for invoices, 2,454.81 of which is TAX (21%) base amount is 11,691.19 - I would have expected at least my sales figure to match the 11,591.19


I have searched the internet generally to see if I can find what the issue is. All my transactions shown in the ledgers for sales have a posting to the Accounts Receivable - everyone has paid by the way - just one invoice with 110 outstanding to pay. Is it because the payment of the invoice has not posted to the Accounts Receivable account - if that is the case how can I make sure that it does happen.


If anyone can give me a pointer I would appreciate it




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